Stump Grinding in Canfield and Poland, OH and Surrounding Areas

Stump grinding is a larger project that should always be handled by a professional. After a tree is removed, it may be necessary or desirable to grind the stump to remove it. Supreme Tree Service are highly experienced with this service, and have the knowledge to perform the job properly. We keep the aesthetics of your property in mind while we work, and always perform the work safely. Call us today for a free estimate!

Safe Worksite

The protection of your property is always on our mind when we work. We handle trees carefully with this in mind, and our employees use high visibility uniforms and helmets to maximize protection.

Our Equipment May Be Noisy, But We Aren't

Our uniformed staff uses bluetooth to communicate wirelessly, eliminating the need for raised voices that disturb or annoy the surrounding community. Professionalism is a guarantee!
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Free Estimates

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